RMH Horse Ranch

Eagles Poco Birdy (Sir Pine Wind x Dukette Sue)
1990 Black Reverse Leopard ApHC Mare

His Last Shadow  (WS Shadow of Victory x Secretly Classic Blaque)
April 9, 2011 Chestnut Overo Half-Arabian Colt

Taruuk was Hannah's special cross... He was my perfect miracle -- but God desired him more... He is GREATLY missed...

Nazik-Aali  (Saba MashaaliBrothers Lil Ali Cat)
March 9, 2011 Bay Half-Arabian Colt

As a maiden mare, Ali surprised us with this huge boy! Nazik was a bay colt with three small socks and a blaze. He had the perfect comformation of a racing TB, but the nicely dished head of an Arabian. Sadly, complications in the womb caused him severe neurological damage. Easy tasks, such as swallowing, sucking & having control of his own limbs were unreachable, & he passed at only 10 hours old.

On The Rox  (Legally Intoxicating x High Hand Of Justice)
May 15, 2010 Black Sabino Half-Arabian Filly

Riley surprised everyone with this absolutely gorgeous, black sabino filly! Roxey had a stunning Arabian head and extreme sabino markings! This gal would've been an incredible Reining horse, as it was well-bred into her! Imagine the sight that would be! Regrettibly, Roxey was humanely euthanized on June 8, 2010 due to severe physical setbacks... She is GREATLY missed by our daughter -and trainer- Hannah.





Fourteen of our horses are rescues, & every one of them have proven to be well-natured & loyal equine! Hannah's dream is to open a Rescue Sanctuary within 5 years(hopefully sooner), b/c unwanted, abused, & neglected horses never deserve the cruelty that many have to bear! Wild mustangs, many of which are killed for slaughter, will also be welcomed and loved at this future resort!
If anyone would like to see this take place or if you would be willing to help make this happen... let me know!