RMH Horse Ranch


Meet The Family 

Our Techniques For Training

All too often, a horse owner sends their beloved 4-legged friend off to a trainer and spends thousands of dollars; yet they get back an underweight horse that can only jog circles in an arena. At RMH Ranch, we take on a totally different approach; and together, we cover ALL aspects of training each horse. Horses learn to be friendly and loving, yet increasingly respectful... and most importantly, CONFIDENT! An insecure horse under saddle or on the ground is a horse that reacts in fear, and therefore becomes dangerous to ride and handle. Each horse that comes to us for training is handled every single day, learning ground manners and respect, without abuse. They learn to lift their feet for the farrier, stand quietly for tacking up, and to stand while being mounted from either side. They start by being ponied with one of our rock-solid geldings --  two or three days with just a saddle -- then comes the addition of a rider.  As the horses' learning progresses, so does what we ask of them, which can be scary & sometimes challenging for any equine. They are taken through all sorts of terrain, up & down hills - some steep & rocky, crossing water and/or mud, deep grass & weeds, open fields & woods, and even urban riding! It's nice when traffic, trains, & people don't spook them. When our green horses relax & begin to feel confident under saddle, we begin testing their trust in us, as a rider. Deep crevices with belly-high ledges, as small as 2 feet across, both tests and builds their mental ability. Rides spanning from 1hr up to 7hrs tests and builds physical ability.  Stepping and/or jumping, both over & across "obstacles", is also asked of all riding horses. They learn, & soon love, to be in a group of other horses.  We praise good behavior & willingness, teach manners & respect, and have the occasional meeting with Jesus -- where horses rapidly learn to spin circles in both directions. On trail rides of any kind, stallions quickly learn to "hide their balls", mares learn to face forward and keep walking --"if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"-- and geldings learn to quit sticking that nose in someone else's business!  All horses under saddle are also taken out & ridden alone numerous times. They also learn that daytime is not the only time they might be asked to work; and all are ridden bareback several times, in case of emergency. Confidence and trust in their rider equals a horse that is a joy to ride, but YOU gotta trust THEM, too!

We work with ALL ages of horses, from teaching a foal to lead, load, stand, tie, etc.; to teaching the older, retired broodmare, stallion, or gelding to be a relaxed trail horse. Yes, we accept stallions (on a limited basis) and are willing to evaluate "trouble" and/or rescued horses. We have picked up several horses for training, unaware that they were not even halter broke (at 4 years old), yet we've taken them all the way on to be a wonderful riding horse that loves to be around people within a couple months, literally!


What You Can Expect From Our Horses

The passion that we share is simple; horses -- and we love what we do! RMH Ranch is a family owned and operated business, consisting of three soul members, including Rick, Mary, and Hannah. We are a tight-knit, christian-based team & together, we care for and spend many hours with our horses daily... whether rain, snow, wind or shine! My parents & I are fully dedicated to each & every horse that comes into our lives, no matter the baggage! We use a whole lot of TLC to gain their trust & build their confidence.

Our purpose is to raise magnificent horses, & we accomplish this by not only discussing our breeding decisions, but also our purchase & training decisions as well. Different crosses are carefully selected to ensure superior quality in all foals! RMH Horse Ranch believes that if bred well, raised well, and even just given the opportunity... ALL horses can excel in numerous disciplines!

We do not consider what we do a job, but rather a lifestyle... & naturally, we all fit into our own job -- Rick does the halter breaking, trailer loading, etc., Hannah does the round pen work, breaking out, etc., and Mary does all the finishing work -- side passing, neck reining, collecting, lead changing, etc. 

One thing you must understand: once a horse leaves our ranch, either trained or untrained, it becomes the buyer's responsibility to keep them happy and "up to par".  We do realize, however, that most people cannot saddle up and ride every day, so we allow each one of our horses to go without riding for weeks at a time, so as to evaluate their temperament and behavior after having "time off"; and so far, each horse has proven to be reliable & safe, whether ridden or not.

Raising Magnificent Horses starts from the moment our foals touch the ground...
For us, training takes place every day!